Company Profile

Tumama Kids Care (Shenzhen) Company Limited established in Shenzhen in 2014, officially started to operate on 26th, May, 2018 and retained multinational formal brands “Tumama Kids/兔妈妈”. Drawing support from the well-established industry chains of plastic, silicone, resin, fabrics, smart and others. Gathering a dynamic team (100 people around) from all fields, integrate R&D, supply chains management, Online Community Marketing and E-commerce by the means of flat organization and clear goals. Tumama focuses on 0-6 years kids and serves for new generation parents across developed countries. We provide the products for the children’s entertainment and educational adventure by the way of cognition, behavior, care, sleep, safety, travel.

With the development of the economy, the concept of Prenatal and Postnatal Care has reached a new high and rooted deeply in parents’ mind, Most of new generation parents emphasize on kids education, With the help of consumption and education upgrade, Tumama Kids was moving forward with a important mission. Tumama kids endeavors to original design and conforms to exceeding EU and US quality standards, concentrated on accompany and interaction, bring up imagination and innovation, inspire curiosity, enable good impact on physiological and physical growth of baby. Lay the first stone for your kids to win at the beginning and do the best service for the young parents. Tumama kids is convinced that continuous creation will bring more add-on value and a long-term accumulation will enter a well-grounded intellectual property barriers. What we are doing deserves expectation of babies, parents and others.

Origin of Brand

“Tu”: Cute, naive, lively and clever.
“MAMA”: A great and warm person to nurture and shelter us.
“Tumama”: is transliterated by Chinese“兔妈妈”. Since “Tumama”is not representative in foreign languages, “u”is designed as a animal facial image with flexibility and regular and we decorate bunny ears in orange as the spirit to make it lively and associated. These elements will stand out its uniqueness and enhance it memorable.
“Kids: Means kids. Use orange to emphasize our priority objects, means we cater to Kids.

Tumama Kids is a Maternal and Child brand image, which was designed by the combinational elements of letters and three colors(Orange, White, Grey) via Illustrator.
“兔妈妈/Tumama Kids”is a Maternal and Child brand to devote to offering International design product for young parents.

Target Clear

Tumama has a clear vision, mission, values, which is the greatest value of tumama team. We believe that extraordinary perseverance in the ordinary will always be rewarded…


The mission is the value of the Tumama Kids team.

Our Mission

Baby Growth Accompanied with Curiosity and Imagination!.


The vision is what the Tumama Kids team wants to achieve.

Our Vision

Home is where Tumama Kids begins.



Our Values

Curiosity inspiration, be the first, insist original design, human-oriented.

Core Competitiveness

What we need at any time:
A sustainable business entrepreneur;
A personalized enterprise mechanism;
All customers-oriented new products.

With these ideas, we need to make ourselves extraordinary out of ordinary.

Own Factory

Equipped with automatic machines, our factory occupies 5,000 square meters, with more than 50 employees. In order to confirm the quality of Tumama products, OEM/ODM are not available.

Original Design

Each product starts from a creative draft based on the updated market survey. We endeavor to original design and baby’s demand.

Digital ERP Management

Self-built ERP management system, including Project Management System(PRJ), Key Performance Index(KPI), Order Management System(OMS), Enterprise Content Management(ECM), Warehouse Management(WMS), Office Automation System(OA).

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